Business Travel

It is our pleasure to introduce to you Travelpath’s Business Travel management program. As a One Global Travel Community Partner for Canada, we design programs unique to each multinational company and deliver quality data reporting and strong local service through our community network of market leading agencies.

Whether your company is global or a single office, you benefit from our program to increase savings and service while implementing controls to ensure that you receive the best value for your travel dollar.

Often overlooked by many business travel website offerings are the travel professionals that work with your travellers and administrative employees. Our professional staff is the best, supported by a suite of software programs including the following:


  • Travelpath's Travnett provides secure compliant storage of the company’s travel policy, preferred suppliers, purchasing patterns and company hierarchy. The rules set here govern individual profiles to ensure compliance with company policies. Our privacy policy ensures that Travelpath will never provide your data for commercial gain. Travnett is designed and operated by Travelpath Inc.
  • Travelpaths' Travnett provides secure compliant storage of travellers’ profiles from which data is provided to airlines, hotels and for car rentals on a need-to-know basis. Profiles are maintained by the travellers, and/or company administrators, and/or a human resources feed. Our privacy policy ensures that Travelpath will never provide your data for commercial gain. Travnett is designed and operated by Travelpath Inc.
  • Our online booking engine uses individual and company profiling data stored in Travnett to provide our clients with travel policy compliant online reservations. The online booking tool links customers electronically to hundreds of our suppliers. Travelpath supports several online booking engines and recommends the best to fit your company’s needs.
  • Our custom quality control software complete with end-to-end controls, works with our advisors to produce the best value and service for Travelpath’s clients. All bookings are checked against travel policy, accounting requirements, reporting information and traveller profiles. The result is accuracy and detailing of travel management reporting. QcNett is designed and operated by Travelpath.
  • CrystalNett provides complete control over your business travel expenditures by providing comprehensive reporting, including trends and opportunities to save and manage your costs. With CrystalNett you can observe travel and purchases from start to finish. You are ensured policy compliance through observation or mandate. CrystalNett is designed and operated by Travelpath.
  • Our comprehensive email manager is designed to send alerts to travellers, travel planners and administrators that are involved in the travel purchase supply chain. Some examples include flight delay notification, gate change notification, destination warnings, passport expiry, preferred supplier contract expiry and scheduled management reports. These are a few examples with many more, too numerous to list.
  • Biannual and annual reviews are available by a click of a button summarizing all car, hotel and air purchases. These CrystalNett reviews are discussed with your account manager and goals are set for the next review. Details include benchmarking, capturing auxiliary fees, advance booking calculator and more.

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