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Who Is FH Health?

FH Health was started out of a belief that screening for SARS-CoV-2 (the virus which causes Covid) with faster results is key to keeping ourselves, our families and our communities safe. We provide screening services for corporations and communities that need peace of mind or clearance to operate. We are a licensed lab following ISO 15189 Accreditation standards in the Province of Ontario. Our belief is that testing, along with other recommended COVID safety protocols is key to helping our society open safely.

How Travel Testing Works

  1. Determine Your Testing Window. Check your destinations entry & timing requirements
  2. Book Your Appointment. Select your preferred location, date & time of your test.
  3. Get Tested at Their Clinic. Visit our clinic and get tested, our tests are gentle & non-invasive.
  4. Get Your Results, Get Ready To Fly. Receive your results through our mobile app, email or text!

Book a Test .. Book a Test .. Book a Test .. Book a Test .. Book a Test

You acknowledge and agree that Travelpath Inc. and affiliates are in no way involved with, nor are we responsible for, any aspect of the COVID-19 testing process (“on-site”, “off-site”, or “virtual”) or the results of the testing. By clicking on this link, and booking a COVID-19 test, you hereby release and discharge Travelpath Inc. and affiliates from any damages or liability associated with the COVID-19 testing and the results thereof.

Frequently Asked Questions.

What Kind Of SARS-CoV-2 Tests Does FH Health Provide?

1. RT-PCR Testing. Reverse Transcription Polymerase Chain Reaction (RT-PCR) tests on Health Canada Approved Devices. This test is accepted for international travel by governments all over the world.

2. Lateral Flow (Rapid Antigen) Testing. Antigen tests are less sensitive than RT-PCR tests however they can be used to detect the presence of the virus amongst people who have a high viral load (those who are most contagious).All positive Antigen tests require confirmatory PCR testing. Our Antigen tests exceed the WHO quality standards and are acceptable for travel to the United States, the UK and Germany (these countries also accept PCR tests).

3. Antibody IgM Testing. Antibody or serology tests look for antibodies in your blood to determine if you had a past infection with the virus that causes COVID-19. We are approved by the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Canada for Antibody and PCR & Antibody travel testing, for more info visit the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China’s website.

4. RT-PCR Express Testing. The Express RT-PCR is only available at select locations. The cost for the Express Test is $350 which is much higher than other testing options. We offer this test for those who would otherwise not be able to have emergency surgery or travel and suggest it be used in these types of situations.

Can I Use Your Test Results For Travel Purposes?
Yes. Our tests are approved for international travel. FH Health is proudly recognized by Air Canada as a preferred testing partner.

Can I Add My Passport To My Test Results?
Yes. Several countries around the world require passport information on the test results in order for the results to be accepted. If this is required please email after you receive your test results. We will only make the changes once the test has been confirmed negative.

If I’m Symptomatic Can I Come In For A Test?
If you are symptomatic or have been contacted by public health you do not qualify to use our screening services. You must visit a Government testing centre. You can find more info here

How Does FH Provide Results?
FH Health sends results to the email address provided during your appointment booking. For personal security reasons we are not able to share your results with any other email than the one you register with at the time of booking. Please ensure your information is correct at the time of booking. If you have provided an incorrect email contact us at so that we may verify you through other means.

What Happens If I Test Positive?
If your test does come back positive for COVID-19 we send your results to Public Health who may be in touch with you. We also recommend that you contact public health for a diagnostic testing and further instructions on next steps. If you are feeling unwell, we recommend that you contact your family physician or emergency department based on your symptoms.

Do you have testing locations outside of Canada?
FH Health has started construction on several new locations in key areas throughout the United States. We have also partnered with Sameday Health to provide additional testing locations across the United States. Use code FHHEALTHTRAVEL for 10% off your test with Sameday Health.

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