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Each airline has its own policy regarding delayed flights. If you are delayed, ask the airline staff if they pay for meals; some airlines do, and some don’t. Some airlines may not offer amenities if the delay is caused by bad weather or something beyond the airline’s control.

Stay close to the gate if you are delayed. If the flight is cancelled, you will be the first in line to be protected on another flight.

If your flight is cancelled, most airlines will rebook you on the next available flight. This is normally done at no additional charge. If this process involves a significant delay ask the airline to book you on another carrier or request that the airline pay for your meal or a phone call. The airline may also give you the option to cancel and get a full refund. Contrary to popular belief, airlines are not required to compensate passengers whose flights are delayed or cancelled.

If there is a long line at the airline counter, call Travelpath to rebook your flight.

If you miss a connection, immediately check with the airline for an alternative. Airlines are not required to provide meals, compensation or overnight accommodations to travellers who have missed their connection.

If your flight is overbooked the airline will ask for volunteers to give up their seats willingly in exchange for cash or a future travel credit. If there are not enough volunteers you may be involuntarily denied boarding and be entitled to compensation.

The best way to avoid being “bumped” is to check-in early, preferably online.

If you volunteer to give up your seat, make sure you get the details. Will you be rebooked on the next flight? Can your travel credit be used on any flight or by anyone other than yourself? Are the “blackout” dates when it can’t be used?

If you are involuntarily bumped, you may be entitled to “denied boarding compensation” provided you had a confirmed reservation and met the advance check-in deadlines. Each airline has a formula for compensation that depends on the price of your ticket and the length of the delay in getting you to your destination.

  • Denied Boarding Compensation is not due if:
  • You are denied boarding because the flight is cancelled
  • A smaller aircraft was substituted for safety or operational reasons
  • The airline is able to move you to another flight that is planned to reach your final destination within one hour of your original flight
  • If the aircraft has 60 seats or less, with weight and/or balance restrictions
  • You are offered a different seat on the flight at no additional charge.

If the car company does not show a reservation for you, no cars are available, and you do not have a confirmation number, first proceed to another car rental company to obtain a car. Report this situation to Travelpath at your convenience.

The car company will normally upgrade you to the next size vehicle at no additional cost. Should the rental company be completely sold out of vehicles, they will attempt to get you a similar car through another rental company for the same rate. If the rate is higher the original car rental company should reimburse you for the difference.

When checking into a hotel, if you are told they do not show a reservation for you, and you do not have a hotel confirmation number, call Travelpath to obtain an alternate hotel. Hotels, like airlines, confirm reservations beyond their capacity in anticipation of “no shows” and last minute cancellations. If you have a confirmation number and your hotel is guaranteed for late arrival, ask for the hotel’s “walk” policy. Many hotels will find a room at an alternate hotel and may pay for your first night’s lodging and transportation to that hotel.

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