Where Can Canadians Travel Right Now?

Travel within Canada

When arriving at your destination, you may be subject to further measures imposed by the provincial, territorial or municipal governments to prevent the spread of COVID-19. There are various measures in place in order to restrict non-essential inter and intra-provincial/ territorial travel as well as different isolation requirements. Please ensure you are familiar with the restrictions imposed by the local authorities at your flight’s destination.

Contact information for provincial and territorial COVID-19 resources is available via the Public Health Agency of Canada’s website.

International Travel Outside of Canada

Note that some countries are enforcing additional measures that may include mandatory quarantine upon arrival. Please consult the government website of the country you are travelling to for their entry requirements.

You can also find more information about each travel restriction (by country) from the International Air Transport Association (IATA). Their website provides the most current and accurate information regarding international travel.

Additional Resources

Mandatory Face Coverings

Acceptable face coverings are made with protective layers of absorbent fabric (such as cotton) that snugly fit over the nose and mouth and are secured to the face with ties or ear loops. As per Transport Canada, face coverings with exhalation valves and face shields or masks made of plastic are not considered an acceptable face covering. Any time an airline agent or crew member asks you to remove your face covering (such as for an ID check) remember to do so by untying it or unhooking the loop from your ear, and avoid touching the front of the face covering when removing it.

Mandatory Health Assessment

All travellers must be asked health questions prior to boarding a flight. In response to these questions, travellers must not provide information that they know to be false or misleading.

  • Do you have a fever?
  • Do you have shortness of breath?
  • Do you have a cough?
  • Have you been denied boarding on a flight due these symptoms in the last 14 days?
  • Are you the subject of a provincial/territorial or local public health order?*

* For flights within Canada or departing Canada only.

If any of the answers are YES, the traveller will not be permitted to travel, unless they have a medical certificate to demonstrate that any symptoms they are presenting are unrelated to COVID-19.

As a reminder, no person should board a flight when they are feeling ill and could potentially put others at risk. If you are ill you must present an appropriate medical certificate. Should symptoms such as a fever, cough or difficulty breathing develop while in flight, please notify the flight crew immediately.

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